K2 - rusty tongue

The ZR2 will directly compete against the Tacoma TRD Pro. The Pro version of the Tacoma has been the leader of midsize off-road pickup trucks. Can Chevrolet take the crown away from the Toyota here?  We will not find this out today, but Roman had the opportunity to drive all of these trucks on the beautiful roads of western Colorado and put them all to the 0-60 MPH test.

Apply oil. Use engine oil unless Measure in voltage range. otherwise specified. Apply molybdenum oil solution. Measure in current range. (Mixture of engine oil and SUZUKI MOLY PASTE in a ratio of 1:1) Apply SUZUKI SUPER GREASE “A”. Measure in diode test range. 99000-25030 Apply SUZUKI MOLY PASTE.

K2 - Rusty TongueK2 - Rusty TongueK2 - Rusty TongueK2 - Rusty Tongue