Monster island - ¡hoh!

Paul continues to practice..
P – I dodged my way to the end..
P – I used my social game..
P – Houseguests I know at some point all of you thought about taking me out
P – the second I walked through those doors I was immediately put at a disadvantage
P – you all know who I was and how I played.. I had to play a completely different game
P – of course I didn’t want the first HOH i had enemies I needed someone else to win and start creating enemies of their own which they did, Sorry Cody
P – I used my social game to get control of the numbers and I made sure there was a house targets and from that point forward everyone asked for my advice and it was easy to make a target in front of me

Date Published: Title: Publication: Related Encounter Location: State / Province: County / Parish: 30-Sep-1930: Ape at Large, Report: Ohio: Coshocton: 11-Aug-1884: A ...

Joe E. Legend,
Mike Hughes,
Jason Bates,
Team USA,
America's Most Wanted,
3-Live Krew,
Dustin Rhodes,
Ron Killings,
Team 3-D,
Eric Young,
Samoa Joe,
Booker T & Sharmell,
Tracy Brooks,
Homicide and Hernandez,
Lethal Consequences,
Team 3-D,
Steiner & Booker,
The Band (TNA),
Rob Van Dam,
Jeff Hardy,
Mr. Anderson,
Sabin & Shelley,
Mexican America,
Kurt Angle

Monster Island - ¡Hoh!Monster Island - ¡Hoh!Monster Island - ¡Hoh!Monster Island - ¡Hoh!