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" Warm Ways " was the first single lifted from the album in 1975 in the UK. [10] It was not released as a single in the United States, where Over My Head was released instead. Initially, the album generated limited interest in the UK, as the first three singles released by the new lineup failed to chart. " Say You Love Me " charted on the UK Singles Chart and it reached No. 40 [11] Following the massive success of Rumours two years later, interest in the band re-ignited and Fleetwood Mac was re-released in 1978, along with the single " Rhiannon " which peaked just outside the Top 40 at No. 46. [10] The album eventually peaked at No. 23 on the UK Albums Chart [11] but was a prelude to a run of hugely successful albums for the band in Britain, including four multi-platinum number ones: Rumours , Tusk , Tango in the Night and Behind the Mask . [10]

Fleetwood Mac - The CollectionFleetwood Mac - The CollectionFleetwood Mac - The CollectionFleetwood Mac - The Collection