Medico - substance dependence / bi-polar disorder

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The NBHQF provides a mechanism to examine and prioritize quality prevention, treatment, and recovery elements at the payer/system/plan, provider/practitioner, and patient/population levels. The NBHQF is aligned with the NQS in that it supports the three broad aims of better care, healthy people/healthy communities, and affordable care. However, it was specifically broadened to include the dissemination of proven interventions and accessible care. The latter concept encompasses affordable care, along with other elements of care accessibility, including the impact of health disparities.
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Since November 2011, Pauline consults for Marie Kloppers – Abraham Kriel Children's Home, where she is mainly involved in individual psychotherapy for male and female adolescents/teenagers.

Details of fees for psychiatric Medico-legal Reports are available on request. Please contact us for further details.

Medico - Substance Dependence / Bi-Polar DisorderMedico - Substance Dependence / Bi-Polar DisorderMedico - Substance Dependence / Bi-Polar DisorderMedico - Substance Dependence / Bi-Polar Disorder